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The Choice of your stirrups:

Alfa Jump offers you the possibility to modulate your stirrups by choosing not only the size of your frame but also the floor that suits you.
The floors are available with the option of stainless steel spikes to increase the strength of the notch.



  Size L = Adult
  Distance between branches: 13 cm
  Sizes > 38


    Size M = Medium
    Distance between branches 12 cm
    35 < Sizes < 38


Taille      Size S = Junior
       Distance between arms 11 cm
       Sizes < 35


Plancher plat choixFLAT FLOOR
A wide rectangular shape with no slope, the flat floor facilitates the rider's balance while suspended.


Plancher incline choixSLOPING FLOOR
The sloping floor ensures a natural descent of the leg and therefore a good position for the rider.


Plancher smile choixSMILING FLOOR
A floor similar to the sloping floor,
It has a rounding that frees the toe.