The Alfa adventure



DELMERLE, an industrial manufacturer in mechanics, is a family company founded in 1972. The Alfa-Jump range of stirrups was born from the collaboration of high-level equestrian sports and the high-tech industry.

Our company has put into this product all its industrial know-how and its experience acquired in the service of major companies in the aeronautical, automotive, railway and defence sectors.

We have favoured a modern but traditional design which does not go out of fashion and makes our stirrups timeless and elegant.

The stirrups are designed to accompany you in all equestrian disciplines, whether for show jumping, dressage, eventing or TREC ....

The development of the stirrups was done in collaboration with internationally renowned professional horsemen. The experience of these equestrian figures has enabled us to adapt our stirrups to each discipline.

We have selected the most suitable materials and chosen the best possible finish. Thanks to this very precise choice, we offer a high quality product. We are committed to offering high quality technical products at the right price.

Thank you to all those who participate in the development of ALFA-JUMP:  

To our ambassadors for representing our brand,

To the horsemen who participate in the improvement of our products.