Pair of Alfa Horse-Ball Stirrups - Flat Soleplate

Weight = 320g


Based on a size M stirrup, these stirrups have been designed and manufactured especially for the practice of Horse-Ball:
The stirrup then becomes more comfortable for the player, because the additional clip overextends the extra thickness caused by the pick-up strap.
These are offered with a Flat soleplate.
The discreet clip under the stirrup does not interfere with the practice of classic riding and can be removed as needed.

Carved aluminium in mass, with an anodic oxidation protection, reinforced soleplate.
Refined designed, classic and ergonomic design, that are lightweight, solid, wear and corrosion resistant.

The soleplate, with a strong grip carved in mass, offering better grip for the rider, ensuring balance and stability.

Wide rectangular shape without inclination, the flat soleplate facilitates the balance of the rider in suspension.

Attention, depending on your screen resolution, stirrup colors may vary.


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